Thursday, May 8, 2008

Puppy and the Kids

Kids are thrilled when the new puppy comes home. They want to love on him and play with him all the time. But, before you let the kids have at the unsuspecting puppy, set some ground rules to protect them both.

If your kids were the catalyst for the puppy, you should know one thing. You will be the one taking care of the puppy most of the time. It is sad, but true. Indulging their need for another living thing means another dependent for you.

To keep the kids involved, give them tasks to do concerning puppy’s care. Just like puppy needs a schedule, so do the kids. Start a whiteboard of duties. Show the kids how to do each task on the list. Let them watch and then let them do. If your children have school during the day, give them the job of feeding puppy in the morning and in the evening.

All dogs need exercise. So do kids. Put the two together. The kids can help you pick out a leash for the new puppy. Then, take them around the neighborhood for a walk. Choose a safe route for your kids to follow during their walk.

The kids can take the puppy for bathroom breaks also. Teach them the same route that you are teaching to the puppy. They must use the same commands when he does his business. This helps the kids to recognize when puppy fidgets because he has to go to the bathroom.

Finally, kids want to play with puppy. In some respects, puppy is like a life-sized stuffed animal to them. The only difference is that this stuffed animal can bite. Kids have to learn to respect puppy. This respect includes not playing roughly with him, disturbing his sleep, or poking him. Practicing their death grip on puppy is a bad move. Animals see certain behaviors as aggressive possibly causing puppy to bite them and it won’t be a playful nip.

Show your kids the correct way to touch puppy. His fur should be stroked and his head patted. Looking puppy in the eye is a sign of challenge. Encourage the kids not to try this.

Kids should also avoid the areas that are designated as “puppy’s areas”. They can put out food for puppy or take him to the bathroom, but these places are no place to play. Just like puppy sleeps in his bed in a certain place, he needs places that are safe zones for him to play with the kids.

Puppies love kids and they love him. The key to a lasting relationship is mutual respect for each other. Once this is established, puppy and the kids will have a loving and playful relationship they’ll both cherish and remember for years to come.

Preparing for Puppy

Bringing puppy home is a momentous occasion. Everyone looks forward to the new addition to the family. But, before puppy comes home, there are a few things you need to make sure that you purchase.
Most of the items that you purchase for puppy will be one-time purchases. Acquiring these items on sale at pet department stores can save a ton of money. Clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper provide cost-cutting savings for the new pet owner as well.
Puppies need a balanced diet. Don’t buy puppy food because the commercials say that pets deserve gourmet food. Puppy won’t be sitting at the table with a bib around his neck. A simple bag of puppy formula kibble will do.
Dry food is recommended for puppies. The brand that you choose is based on nutritious ingredients. Buying the generic doggie kibble is not always the best choice. If you need help, ask your vet for suggestions.
Bowls for water and food are needed for feedings. One set will do and they don’t have to be fancy, just durable. Place them in the area where puppy will regularly receive his meals.
Puppy will also need somewhere to sleep. It may be cute the first few weeks to have puppy in the bed with you, but that will get real old real quick. Puppy can toss and turn as he likes in his own bed. Puppy may go through several beds before it’s all said and done so spending a lot on the first one is not advised.
A crate is where puppy will stay when traveling and when he needs to stay in one area of the house. The crate should allow for growth but not be so large that puppy is scared of it. Later, you will show puppy how to make nice with his second home.
Whenever puppy ventures outdoors, he will need to wear a leash. Leashes come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Puppy’s leash should allow room for growth. It just needs to keep puppy from getting away, not necessarily make a fashion statement. Besides puppy will probably chew on his leash the first few times you put it on him anyway, so spending a fortune on one, is not always a good choice.
To satisfy his chewing habits, give puppy some chew toys. Ones made for dogs are safer than giving him a real bone to gnaw on. Pieces of the bone could chip off and cause a choking hazard for puppy. Chew toys like bouncing balls could pose a choking hazard as well if they are smaller than puppy’s jaws. So, be conscious about puppies play toys to make them fun, but more importantly, safe for puppy.
Puppies need a lot of love and care. He incurs expenses even before his arrival. To make sure that puppy’s first day with you is an enjoyable one for everyone involved, stock up on everything that he needs before bringing him home.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Choosing a Name for Puppy

What will you call your new companion? He may be brown with long ears, short, with a coat like a snowball, or tall and muscular. Choosing a name is a big decision. It will belong to your puppy for the rest of his life.
As humans, we select names for our children based on heritage and meaning. You can do this with your puppy, but it is not necessary. Puppy doesn’t care that “Lily” is a beautiful flower or that “Jack” has English origins. He just wants to know what you want him to respond to when you call.
One rule of thumb for puppy naming is to keep it simple. It may be cute and unusual to name a dog “Crouching Tiger”, but it isn’t practical. If names are too long, puppy won’t remember it and others might not either. One simple rule to make choosing a name for your puppy easier is to keep it to three or less syllables.
Also, think about what your puppy’s name may sound like to him or her. If it sounds like a command, he may take off running or jump at the mailman instead of sitting down. Puppy names that are similar to the commands you give can be confusing to your pup. If you use these commands: sit, run, stop, quiet, stay, heel, roll over, and fetch, don’t use puppy names like Fletch, Kit, Sun, Bill, and Cole.
Pets are not people but they do deserve respect as another member of the family. You are supposed to be welcoming them into your home and your life. Names like Butt, Loser, Dummy, and Nitwit are demeaning. They encourage teasing from others who come in contact with your puppy. Most animals don’t like to be teased, especially dogs. They can respond by biting or pouncing on the unfortunate teaser. Not to mention, would you want someone calling you a demeaning name? Your puppy won’t like it either.
Dog experts recommend short names that end in vowel sounds. Most commands don’t end in vowel sounds, so puppy won’t get confused when he’s called. If you own a Dachshund, you can name him “Hero” like a hero sandwich. These dogs always remind me of a sausage without the bun. The name is short, easy to remember, and not disrespectful to puppy.
Below is a list of the more popular names for dogs. Choose a name from this list or come up with your own.
• Max
• Lady
• Lucy
• Princess
• Rusty
• Rocky
• Buster
• Shelby
• Jake
• Ginger
• Sandy
• Sophie
• Sparky
• Buddy
• Missy
Take your time when naming puppy. Consider his behavior and personality, but above all, treat him with dignity when it comes to naming him. He’ll thank you for taking the time to consider a good name for many years to come.

Different Puppy Names

Different Puppy Names

Different Puppy Names

Different Puppy Names

Different Puppy Names